It was a cold day of winters, the road were all blocked, because of the heavy rain happened the previous day, my wife and kids were stuck just few miles from me at the Florida airport, Because the airlines have cancelled all the flights because of the bad weather. I was hardly coping the time at home, there was nothing good on TV even the fox channel was telecast some boring documentary on Darwin and on the sports channel a golf event was being broadcasted and the Mtv was also showing some crappy show and there was nobody at home to help me out of the problem.

Then i thought of rolling some old cards and get back to my favourite pastime, which i had left after the marriage in order to being some responsible guy, so i took out my mobile phone and start searching online and found this casino forum, where the discussion have been going on about this new game called the gold factory.

As the name is suggesting clearly, the game makers really made the justice with the name of it by putting so many shiny tings in the video slot and really made it worth playing. Gold Factory is really full of sparkling to get your bank populated with the easy cash you can make easily while enjoying it. This slot is played over five reels and has pay lines for gamers to have fun with. Watch out the video for cheats and bonuses:

The very best thing about the that i liked the most, that make this particular game different out of the others is that it offers players to adjust the pay lines according to their comfort and will. Free spins was the first game i started with, there are also some websites which are offering free play and you can earn some money on different pokie machines by registering on these sites. You don’t need to worry related to losing your money which is the best thing for play free pokies, even though there are quite good chances that you can win if you take free trial. and with the free spins you can also experience the fun of the game, to be determined that its your cup of tea or not.